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Our team of expert locksmiths specializes in the field of security issues.

Please read below to find the answers to your questions. Learn why it is dangerous to install locks on your own and about the importance of securing all entrances in the house. Find out how to deal with lock related issues.

Learn more about locks and ways to keep them in good condition by finding here answers to FAQ

Can I install locks on my own?

These days, you can find 'how to' instructions in the web about practically everything. Though, you need to remember that lock installation is not an easy task and directly related to your security. It requires good equipment, knowledge and experience in order to be installed properly and you should ask assistance from our specialists.

Should I secure balcony French doors as well?

The security of your house depends primarily on having locks installed in every entrance. French doors usually have a rod that turns and secures the entrance but it's best to install supplementary locks, especially if someone can have access to the balcony through tree branches or ladders. Make sure all door locks are secured.

What is a locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional technician who is trained to sell, install, repair and adjust locks and security systems. He/she works on the locks of doors, windows, cars, safes, etc. and is trained to understand exactly how locks are designed to work. In most cases, a locksmith may be required to be an authorized member of an accrediting organization and/or licensed or bonded to operate in the area where they work.

What is a handle set?

This type of set is designed to come with a deadbolt lock. This is because these locks are not made to be integrated with a handle. The typical set includes a deadbolt lock with a thumb turn and two handles - one for the external side of the door and one for the internal side. If you decide to buy such a set, you should evaluate the security features of the lock and the strength and durability of all components without exception.

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